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Great things in business are never done by one person. They’re done by a team of people. We have that dynamic group of peoples
Airline World Magazine

African Optimism

Fighting for change African Optimism. Wilbur Sargunaraj interviews members of the African Section 99s. Thank you to Wilbur Sargunaraj for his time and interviewing the members.

1st March 2021
Airbus Foundation

Partners with African Section 99s

The Little Engineer and The African Section Ninety Nines International Organisation of Women Pilots, together with its partner Airbus Foundation, is to roll out the Airbus Little Engineer (ALE) interactive digital programme in Malawi. The motto of the Ninety Nines is to promote advancement of aviation for women through education, scholarships and mutual support whilst honouring their unique history and sharing their passion for flight. The African Section 99s together with the Airbus Little Engineer is promoting STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) Aviation. The aim is to educate youth between ages 10 and 16 years old within the community in Malawi with respect to science, technology, engineering and mathematics through series of interactive online 3D modeling workshops. The goal is to encourage students to understand and embrace technology and ignite a passion that could grow into an exciting STEM career. “This is in line with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals 2030 and ICAO Next Generation of Aviation Professionals said Governor Ivana Alvares-Marshall.

24 December 2020

23rd December 2020

Neven Wassif interviews Dina Dawod Vice Governor of the African Section 99s- Nile TV Egypt  

18th December 2020

Neven Wassif interviews Ivana Alvares-Marshall Governor of the African Section 99s – Nile TV Egypt 

8th December 2020

African Section 99s Member Kgomotso Phatsima and founder of Dare To Dream in partnership with Air Botswana and FNB Bank Foundation flew 70 young people encouraging them to pursue career’s and business opportunities in the field of STEAME in Gaberone and Francis Town.

4th November 2020

Mauritian Pilots Association invited The African Section 99s to participate in this event and present about Mental Health In Aviation.

22nd October 2020

As a black female pilot you could say Faith Odushola-Boegheim (Air Transport Management, 2013) is defying gravity; contributing to the reimagining of an industry that was typically male-dominated. Faith has had her fair share of doubtful passengers but that hasn’t stopped her from pursuing her dreams. Here she talks about her experiences as a pilot, the impact of the pandemic and being part of a different narrative for black people.

14th-15th-21st -22nd October 2020

AviAssist- Safety In African Aviation Conference 2020. The African Section 99s was invited to participate in this event presenting about Mental Health. 

25th June 2020

AviaDev CEO Jon Howell discusses with the African Governor 99s about mental health, we explore the findings of a Harvard study into depression in pilots, and discuss strategies to prevent and cope with the challenge, especially in the current times of crisis.
You can read more or watch the YouTube link on our Mindfulness page. 

17th June 2020

Dina Dawod (Bird Pina, my heart) produced by the Goth Institute German Culture Center for Short Recording Short Films and Tahir Lounge.

Photography by: Omar Hassan Omar Hassan
Montage: Shady Abdullah
Idea and directed by:
Michael Melad

1st June 2020

Aviators Africa Magazine
The Q2 edition of the Aviators Africa magazine has been published to celebrate women in aviation in Africa and their contributions to the aviation industry. Click on the link to read the full article.


23 April 2020

African Section 99s Women Pilots Don't Rush Challenge

Our African Section 99s members from different countries in Africa participated in the challenge representing different aviation industries such as commercial, corporate, airline, general aviation and military. #Dontrushchallenge #africansection99s #ninetyninesinc

22 April 2020

Ninety Nines International Women Pilots Don't Rush Challenge

Women pilots from all over the world in different careers be it commercial, airline, corporate, general aviation and military all participated in the #Dontrushchallenge #ninetyninesinc #africansection99s

7 March 2020

Captain Priya Doobaree - Air Mauritius featured on Mauritius Broadcasting Corporation

Captain Prya Doobaree flies for Air Mauritius here she is featured on Mauritius Broadcasting Corporation.
1.5% of women worldwide are captains among them is Priya Doobaree. She knew how to find a place in this profession mainly dominated by men. Priya Doobaree is a real example of the emancipation of women. Meeting in the cockpit of the Airbus.

4-5 March 2020

5th African Aviation Summit & Exhibition 2020 - Addis Ababa Ethiopia

African Section 99s particpates in the 5th African Aviation Summit & exhibition 2020 - Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Dina Dawod Vice Governor of the African Section 99s representing the African Section 99s at the Aviation Africa 2020 summit as a panel speaker. Thank you to Mark Brown Alan Peaford and all the organisers who made this event a great success especially during these challenging times. #avaf20 #timesaerospace #africanaviation #rwandaair

1 December 2020

Captain Kgomotso Phatsima - Author of "Born To Fly"

Our African Section 99s member whose from a military background has finally completed her book. .Congratulations to Captain Kgomotso Phatsima on her new book. It will soon be available on Amazon. Capt Kogmotso Phstsima says - It's the story of hope,of love , of failing so many times but still showing up every day to fight!!! It's meant to inspire the African girl child; the youth, women and men to aspire to Fly in the direction of your dreams no matter the challenges And lastly it is about my hope for Africa and my contribution towards "The Africa We Want"

20 November 2019

Never let your gender be the measure of your capabilities - First Officer Li Rossouw

19 October 2019

International Women Pilots of the Ninety Nines flashmob Shoprite Shopping Mall

First time in Africa Female Pilots of the Ninety Nines International Women Pilots flash mob a shopping mall carpark at Shoprite Blantyre Malawi to bring awareness about Aviation to the African continent! #ninetyninesinc99s #aviatrixofcolor #femalepilot #shoprite #malawionthemap #dstv 
#flashmob #timelesseventsmalawi

17-25 October 2019

Female Pilots Make History In Africa Celebrating the Ninety Nines 90th Anniversary and African Section 99s 1st Anniversary

Malawi makes history holding the first female pilot conference on the African continent - celebrating the 90th Anniversary of the Ninety-Nines and the 1st Anniversary of the African Section 99s.

8th June 2019

Capital FM Malawi speaks to the Governor of the African Secton 99s

The Governor of the African Section 99s speaks to Capital FM to raise awareness about the Ninety Nines and to explain about the upcoming conference event to take place in Malawi in October 2019. History in the making on the African continent! 

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