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Friends of the African Section Ninety-Nines


Become a friend of the African Section 99s and share your passion for flight! 

Who are friends of the African Section Ninety-Nines? 

Friends of The Ninety-Nines are individuals, businesses, and organizations of all backgrounds and nationalities who share an enthusiasm for aviation and a desire to support The Ninety-Nines.

Friends include people like you: pilots and non-pilots; males and females; teenagers and senior citizens; students, parents, and community members; youth groups and local businesses… the list is endless! The generosity of Friends helps The African Section Ninety-Nines promote the advancement of aviation through education, scholarships, and mutual support while honoring the unique history of women in aviation.


Annual membership dues for Friends of The Ninety-Nines are $55. The Friends membership year is January 1 through December 31. New membership after September 30th will include the following year of membership.

Friends Membership Benefits include:

  • Opportunity to share your passion for aviation by supporting The Ninety-Nines
  • Friends of The 99s membership card
  • Friends of The 99s lapel pin
  • Friends of The 99s baseball cap (first year of membership)
  • Friends of The 99s decal
  • Annual subscription to African Section Ninety-Nines magazine
  • Open to register to go on tours with the African Section Ninety Nines. 

Become a Friend of The Ninety-Nines today!

Please fill in the Friend of the 99s contact form or email us at 
Friends of The African Section Ninety Nines 

    Share your passion!

    Give a Friends of The African Section Ninety-Nines membership to a family member or friend…
    or to someone who’s dreaming of becoming a pilot!

    Questions about Friends of The Ninety-Nines? contact us at