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The African Section a non-profit organization of International Women Pilots called the Ninety-Nines. It is the only and first organization for women pilots established in 1929 by 99 women pilots founded by Amelia Earhart. The organization currently holds over 6000 members divided into chapters and sections depending on their geographical locations from 44 countries.

The African section has very recently been formed and we are in the process of expanding. The African Section brings diversity, although we come from different backgrounds and cultures and flying experiences, the 99’s African Section keeps our ties close through the core of what unites us: the passion to fly.

The African Section promotes advancement of aviation for women through education, scholarships and mutual support while honouring our unique history and sharing our passion for flight. We therefore have set up Girls Wings For Africa Scholarship Fund & STEM to enable females in Africa to start a professional career in aviation obtaining a pilot certificate, to assist with the renewal of licence, help female pilots in obtaining type ratings and other ratings such as night ratings, instrument ratings and so on, scholarship towards one year degree in aviation or aerospace for example bachelors, masters or doctorate in the fields of aerospace engineering, air traffic control, aviation business management and funding towards emergency manoeuvres training.