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Mindfulness in Aviation - "MEDITATE NOT MEDICATE"

Airplane Pilot Mental Health & Suicidal Thoughts Survey

A survey was conducted in 2015. The crash of Germanwings Flight 9525, which was caused intentionally by a co-pilot who had undergone treatment for suicidal tendencies, killed all 150 people on board and sparked a conversation about mental health among pilots. Statistics show that 1 in 8 airline pilots show depression. They found that while only 3.1 percent of pilots had been diagnosed with depression, nearly 13 percent met the threshold for a depression diagnosis. These figures will have increased significantly since then especially as the world economies are facing challenges more and more people are finding themselves suffering anxiety, depression, mental health issues. Many in the aviation industry have been affected due to job cuts around the world. You can read the full report here.

AviaDev CEO Jon Howell talks with the Governor of The African Section 99s about Mental Health

AviaDev CEO Jon Howell talks to the African Section 99s Governor, we explore the findings of a Harvard study into depression in pilots and discuss strategies to prevent and cope with the challenge, especially in the current times of crisis.

Please seek professional help if any of the issues raised have affected you.

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Royal Aeonautical Society Mental Wellbeing and Human Performance
NASA - Meditation

NASA employees at the Langley Research have been doing meditation since 2012.

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