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KUKI HQ & African Section 99s Partnership


Flight Training we don’t just train pilots, we create Aviators. Hundreds of professional and civil aviators began their careers in our hallways and on our ramp.

Kuki HQ – from Humble Beginning in 1997

Kuki  is leading, full service Aviation Company that offers a full range of services that include a top quality fixed wing and helicopter training pilot flight school, self-fly hire, as well as helicopter sales with full range of service and maintenance in our facilities. Kuki and its dedicated team provides its clientele not only with experienced, knowledgeable pilots that demonstrate their dedication and skills each time they go flying but also ground support in relaxed and friendly no hustle environment.

We deliver the very best of flying!

Intensive Flight Pilot Training KUKI HQ! 

At Kuki we do our training from Gamston Airport which is on the edge of the Sherwood Forest that is a royal forest in Nottinghamshire, England, famous by its historic association with the legend of Robin Hood and is the home to the Major Oak Robin’s major hideout place.

At Kuki we do our fixed wing training and utilise the Cessna 152 and our training for helicopters in Robinson Helicopters R22 or R44 to train our students for the Private Pilot Licence. Here at Kuki we will help you choose the right training platform for you. Each student is treated separately and each program is customised to their own needs and requirements.

Kuki in-house ground school instructor will assist you with all the theory and passing all the ground examinations.


  • 45 hours (minimum) training for both fixed wing and helicopters

  • This includes a minimum 10 hours solo flying.

  • Course can be undertaken in 4-6 weeks intensively or part time as required


  • Basics of flying PPL

  • Circuit flying and emergencies

  • Advanced flying IR, Renewals , Night Rating

  • Navigation

  • 9 Theory exams consisting of:

    • Aviation Law, Operational Procedures, Human Factors

    • Meteorology, Navigation, Flight Performance and Planning

    • Aircraft General Knowledge, Principles of Flight and Communications

Kuki is approved to carry out type ratings on a range of helicopter types including:

  • Robinson R22

  • Robinson R44

  • Bell 206B

  • MD500


– Class 2 medical certificate required prior to first solo flight.

– Minimum age:  To start: 14 and 16 to go solo and licence issue at 17

Overseas Students or Out of Area:

If you dream/want to visit northern England and fly with us we will take care of you and help to get your dreams of flying come true.

We will pick you up at the airport and help with transportation

Accommodation:  Muthu Clumber Park Hotel & Spa, located in the heart of the Nottinghamshire countryside or an apartment near by depending on the student preference.

To find out more or to book a lesson call us on +44 (0)1777 839216 or email or

Meet The Kuki Team